Top 10 Benefits Of Working From Home

Benefits Of Working From Home

How about working from home? A great dream of everyone!!!

Here are top 10 benefits of working from home with your comfort:

It’s everyone’s dream these days to work from their most comfortable place and then also getting paid for it. Nowadays with evolving internet usage, it’s most common for people to do their job sitting on the beach with cocktail or mocktail in hand and laughing with your family and friends. Here are the top 10 advantages of Working From Home:

Why Should You Consider Working From Home?

Most comfortable place:

People are more productive when they work from their most suitable pleasant places. The recent study has shown that almost 79% people have agreed that they can concentrate more when theydo their job at home which the most comfortable place for them. They feel less stressed, and the environment is also friendly. For some people home is the relaxed place but for some beach is the happiest region to do the work and for some library, the quiet place, is more convenient.

Work home balance:

In these days, achieving work life balance is very challenging, especially when they need to do give 100% at home and same at the job. Flexibility in job location can help in gaining this goal. Working from home gives more time at home instead of wasting time in commuting to the office. This time we can leverage to take extra care of the family members and also for ourselves for relaxation. Work-Life stability might be one of the greatest benefits of working from home. Experts can work at home giving 100% attention towards their job, and the same time they can also pay attention to the home.

Bypass traffic, save gas and money:

Traffic is the major issue in most of the developed countries nowadays. If one can opt for flexible time or flexible location then at least they avoid traffic at peak hours and save time, energy and gas and ultimately money. Also, in this way, they can spend the time and money with their family and friends and feel happier. If the commuting distance is far more than flexible location can eliminate the long commute, and the energy can be utilized for more productivity.

Fewer disturbances:

When you are working remotely then there are good chances of getting fewer distractions from the other people. When you work from the office, then other people come to your desk for gossip or discuss work or other unimportant details, and that might sometimes be disturbing for you. When you work from your most convenient place, then there are no or very few distractions and this way you can more concentrate on your job rather than wasting time in gossiping.

Flexible schedule:

When people are working from home, then they can most probably work with their flexible timing. In this way, your schedule can be your schedule which you can manage on your own. You can decide your break or lunch time instead of going for 12 -1 pm lunch break as we usually do when working from the office.

Avoid office politics:

Since you will be working remotely, there are very few chances of you gossiping with other colleagues, and you might be safe in the office politics. Office politics sometimes can be very stressful, and others try to take unfair advantage of you. As you work remotely and don’t need to face your co-workers daily, you might not need to deal with this dirty office politics, but at the same time, you can do networking and stake holders management from far away distance properly.

Help to stay more focused:

From the recent study, it is demonstrated that when people work remotely they are more targeted and logically, it sounds accurate since there are fewer distractions from other team members and fewer disturbances when working remotely. When we work from the most comfortable place, we try to think more related to the work rather than other office gossip or any other distractions, and this helps tremendously to improve the performance.

Your sitting arrangement can be anything:

You might be the person who wants to be at the beach while working rather than sitting on chair and proper desk which we usually have in the office. This flexibility in location can give you this arrangement, and you can work from anywhere, and I mean from everywhere!!! For example, you don’t require a proper table and chair to work from home; you can just work from the backyard or sitting at Starbucks having your favorite coffee or even chatting with your friend at your friend’s place. So you can have any arrangement as per your wish when you work remotely, but in the office, you need to follow the traditional rules of having the proper and neat desk. When you work remotely, you can wear your comfortable clothes, but in the office, you need wear casual wears.

Candid and easy ways of communication with your stake holders:

Some individuals think that if they work from home, they would feel lonely and will not be able to keep touch with their stake holders but in reality, this is not true at all. There are many easy and simple ways you can have communications with your team members, and sometimes this helps in building the relationship with them. These days, there are many ways on the internet as well to maintain the relationship with any one in this world. And these tools give you wide range of emojis or even spell check facility is also helpful when you are talking with your boss. In this way, you will not feel lonely and away from your team. Actually, this will be very efficient and impressive as well when you are discussing something important with your team.

Assist in becoming more independent:

When you work alone, you learn more, and this helps you to become more independent. Because you don’t have anyone near sitting with you to help, you will develop your own skills and will try to explore more on the topic to gain the actual basic knowledge of it. This will make you expert in any topic, and other people will start having respect for you. In short, this will make you independent and more respectful person.

I hope this post is helpful for you while deciding to work from remote. Please let me know your comments or your views on this topic. As I have been working from home for many years, I have experienced all these benefits, and I would recommend you also to ask for WFH if your organization allows you to do so.

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