Top 4 Tips To Track and Find Lost Android Phone

Find Lost Android Phone

These days, the mobile phone has become our basic need. Most of the free time in a day, we use our mobile phone to surf the web, check social network accounts and to contact with friends and family members. Since your phone contains personal data like messages, emails, and photos, you will attempt your best to protect it. If you lose your cell phone, then there is good chance that it may fall into the wrong hands and it may get used for doing some illegal activities.

You might not want to lose your phone, so if at any time it gets lost or gets stolen, the initial step is to lodge a missing complaint with neighborhood police. Furthermore, if you have set some settings on your phone, you can even locate your device with little efforts. In this post, we will see three ways to find your lost or stolen Android mobile phone. So, let’s get started.

How To Find Lost Android Phone

#1 Find your lost cell phone using Android Device Manager

To do this, click on the Settings icon (Gear icon) on your Android device. This is the place where you can change settings of your Android device. You can find this icon on either home screen, in apps section or notification area.

Once you are in the settings section, find Security section. Depending on Android OS on your mobile, the location of Security section varies. Here in security menu, we need to click on Android Device Manager link. By doing so, Android Device Manager menu will be opened. Here we will get two options. The first option is “Remotely locate this device” and second “Allow remote lock and erase.”

With the help of the first choice, we can trace device location on Android device manager. The second option helps to lock remotely, or factory reset the Android device. Enable both these options on the Android phone. The crucial point to note is, your Android device should have internet access enabled and is linked to your Google account.

Let’s see, how to track your Android device if it gets stolen.

Head over to your computer and open web browser. Go to URL “ manager.” This is the website, where you can track your lost Android phone. Once you log in with the same Google account which is used to link your android device to Google, Android device manager will show your Android device’s location and its status.

Here you will get options to Ring the device and to erase Android device. If you feel that your Android device could be nearby, then you can try clicking on Ring option, and your lost Android Mobile will start ringing. If this option doesn’t work then last option is to erase the data on Android device to factory settings. This way you will not get your mobile back but your data like photos, email accounts will be deleted and protected.

#2 Locate your lost Android phone using Google Maps.

You can find the location of your Android phone on Google Maps. This feature is called as location history. Location history is activated by default on Android device. Open the web browser on your computer and access the URL “”. You need to log in using same Google account that is linked to your lost mobile phone. On this Google maps link, you can find the location of your lost or stolen Android device.

#3 Trace lost Android devices, using third party applications.

Here are some of the Android third party apps that you can install from Google Play Store. These apps are beneficial when you lost your Android device. So, let’s check out one of the best mobile tracking apps.

– Prey Anti-Theft.

This app is one of the best anti-theft security apps. This app has 4.2 ratings with over 1 Million downloads. The best part about this application is, it sends the owner missing device report periodically. This report consists of Co-ordinates of the lost phone, Mac address of the phone which is essential to prove your ownership to the mobile phone. This app also sends pictures and screenshots of the thief and the surroundings. This app has the facility to make your phone ring loudly even if the mobile is on silent mode.

#4 Track lost Android phone using website.

There is a website which can help you to track lost android phone. Just open a web browser on your computer and go to “” On this website, Log in using the same google account which is associated with the lost android device. Here you can find the location of the lost android phone by checking “View on Map” option. A map will appear showing the location of your Android device. Just try with this website, and you will be amazed to see the results.

Hope you like this post. Just try these ways and these options will help you find lost Android device.

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