Hey guys. Welcome back. so, today we are going to be talking about how to get at least twenty subscribers per day on YouTube. so let’s get started. Getting subscribers is one of the hardest things, on YouTube. You will find various videos claiming to get thousands of subscribers per day. But I doubt anyone has success with those methods. Well everyone wants easy ways to get subscribers on YouTube. and I am not here to tell you to try sub for sub or view for view something like that. Believe me, those methods are waste of time and with such methods, you can just increase your subscriber count but not views. I have personally used the methods on my other channels to grow subscribers and I am going to reveal it in this article.







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How To Get 20 Subscribers Per Day on YouTube 2021

Method #1 – Link Locker

So the very first cool strategy that you can implement is to offer something to your viewers in return of subscribing to your channel. You can offer stuff like ebook, document or thumbnail template through a link in the description. First upload the file that you wish to offer to Google Drive or on your website. Copy the link that you can share with others. Now Go to Enter the sharable link where users can download the stuff. Enter the title of the thing that you are offering. Then put your message as “Please subscribe to my channel to unlock the link”. Then select YouTube channel URL. Now enter channel link with question mark sub confirmation equal to one. and then click on create to generate a locker link. Now put this link in video description. Whenever a user clicks this link, confirm channel subscription popup will be displayed. Once the user took action, it will unlock the link and user can download the resource. so this is basically link unlocker. and you can use it to gain subscribers.

Method #2 – Interact with your viewers through comments

If your channel is small, and Whenever you get a comment on your videos just like those comments and send nice reply. Believe me people love it when you respond to their message or give importance to them. This actually establish a connection with your viewers. And when they feel like that, there’s a good chance that they will subscribe to your channel. This is one of the easiest and genuine way to gain real subscribers.

Method #3 – Solve people’s problems

Initially when your channel is small, try to make videos about how to. Make videos on solving people’s day to day problems. It could be related to smartphone, vehicle or say kitchen hacks. But make sure that there is very little competition on YouTube for those topics. Just make videos of about four to five minutes long around those topics and publish them on your channel. Believe me, this way your video will get good amount of views and because your video is solving viewer’s problem, in return you will gain subscribers as well.

Method #4 – Utilize the power of Social media to gain subscribers

Video Promotion is very important to grow view and subscriber base. You should use social media networks like Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and twitter to promote your videos. People use social media mainly for the reason to connect with other people or to get entertained. Just make an entertaining video about funny fails, amazing facts or current trends and simply post your video links on Reddit, Facebook groups and on Instagram. Self promotion is difficult on Reddit. But there are various sub Reddits that allow the promotion of your videos. When your video is able to create emotions like happiness, shock or anger then there is a guarantee that your video is going to earn a subscriber.

so, those were some of the genuine ways to gain at least twenty subscribers per day. I hope these methods will help you in increasing your channel subscribers. If you find the article helpful, then please comment and share with your friends.

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