Top 6 Online Jobs From Home that You Should try

Online Jobs From Home

In this blog post, we are going to see top 6 online jobs from home that should try if you are fed up with 9 to 5 boring office jobs. These online jobs are in huge demand and as internet is growing rapidly, these home based jobs will provide you huge opportunity to earn handsome amount and that too working from home itself. If you are looking for a escape from your routine 9-5 job, spend more time with your loved ones and to spend more time on the activities that you like the most then should give a try with these online jobs method. So, let’s see what these online jobs are and how you can start with these.

Online Home Based Jobs

Website development

Number one is website development or web designer jobs. If you have pleasant experience with web development, design and coding then this the best opportunity for you. From some of the reputed websites like glassdoor or payscale then you can figure out what technologies are in demand and how much you can earn from these jobs. In case you are looking to learn recent technologies then you may try some of the websites like Udemy, Skillshare or Lynda that are offering online courses on various technologies like WordPress, Java, Dot Net and C++.

Once you gain knowledge on these technologies, you can try creating websites on several niches like technology, health, latest trends and sell these websites on websites marketplace like Flippa. By doing this you can earn several hundred to thousand dollars a month. The best part about this job is you only need a computer or laptop and internet connection. Once you have these 2 things then you can work remotely even when you are away from your home.

YouTube video creation

Second option is to earn money by uploading videos on YouTube. As we all know that Google is number 1 search engine on internet in terms of traffic. YouTube is a product of Google and most of the people nowadays are checking YouTube for getting knowledge on how to do stuff, tutorials, entertainment or listening to music. Most people feel bored when it comes to reading articles on blog or to read a product reviews. Instead they prefer to watch videos to get more in-depth knowledge about the topic. If you are passionate about something, you know singing, or if you are good at delivering programming knowledge then should try creating videos about these things.

Simply create a channel on YouTube, which is completely free and upload excellent quality videos consistently on that channel. Once you have added around 15-20 unique videos i.e created by you and not copied from somewhere, you can apply for google AdSense. When AdSense gets approved, you can start earning from your videos. To create quality videos, you need screen capture software like Camtasia, windows movie maker, an excellent quality microphone and you are ready to go. This home based job method has huge earning potential provided you are ready to put efforts.

Freelance Writing

If you are good at writing quality articles, or eBook then there is a great opportunity for you. As I said above, videos are in great demand over lengthy articles, but there are big corporations who depend on quality articles to keep their websites running. Companies like CNN, BCC or entrepreneur com hire such articles writers for writing articles for them and they are paying very good amount for their work. You can even write eBooks for people as ghost writer (you don’t get credit for your work but you get paid for your time). You can even create eBooks and put them for sell on big brands like amazon. These days due to mobile revolution, more people prefer eBooks on their mobiles and tablet than to carry physical books.

Social Media Management

These days all major brands have their social media accounts on websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter. By having such social media accounts, big brands get hugh fan followings, website traffic and in turn more sales. To update these social accounts regularly, these big brands needs some people who can update these accounts on their behalf and this profile is Social Media Manager. If you check the pay scale available for such jobs, then you can get information like such jobs are making around 40,000 to 50,000 dollars a year. You can check some of the leading job portals for Social Media Manager related jobs. There is a website called “” in USA where you can search for the search for the jobs depending upon location and positions. All these online jobs from home are social media based. You should give a try.

Animation Artist

 If you are good at animation or you have experience in making animation videos then you should check some of leading freelancing websites for the projects. These days there is a huge demand for animations in videos, cartoon making, game development and ad creations. So, animation artists have bright career scope in coming future. There is some industry standard animation softwares like Maya, 3ds Max where you can create awesome animations. In case you know how to work with these softwares, then you should try checking freelancing websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer for projects. These projects are paying great amount of money for animation artists. Even you can create animation cartoon videos, or kids learning videos and put those videos on your YouTube channel for get income from advertisements.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual assistant job is normally self-employed jobs that provides technical, professional assistance to clients from home. As these types of jobs involves contractual work, clients prefer the most. The clients don’t have to look after income taxes and employee benefits. In these jobs, the most common way of communication is emails, telephone calls, Skype and Google Voice. Many Big brands hire some people on contractual basis so that their clients get assistance whenever required. These days there is good demand for virtual assistant jobs. If you are good at communication and possess problem solving skills then this job is perfect for you. You may try freelancing portals like Upwork, Fiverr or to find Virtual Assistant related jobs. If you are thinking about online jobs from home then this is a perfect home based online job for you.

I hope you find this article helpful. These are the online jobs from home in demand. If you find such jobs then you should grab them and make your life easy. Best part about these jobs is these are not location specific and are great online jobs without investment.

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