Top 5 Alternatives to PayPal For Onlne Money Transfers

Paypal alternatives

Why we need PayPal alternatives? Let’s find out the details. As we all know, PayPal is well known and most trusted payment transaction services. PayPal is a genuine way to receive and send money online over internet. I am using PayPal for almost 3 years now and I do not have any complaint about it. But due to PayPal’s strict policies and some government’s rules there can be some restrictions for online transactions. PayPal is not available in some of the countries and even some website portals do not use PayPal for sending money to their affiliates.

If you are from USA or UK then you will not face any issue with PayPal. But if you are doing online business from the countries like India, Pakistan or Bangladesh then you might be facing issues with PayPal payments. Due to these reasons, I am writing this post to provide details about some of the best PayPal alternatives.

Best PayPal Alternatives


Like PayPal, Payoneer is one of the oldest and reliable global payment services. This service is also available for most of the Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. With the help of Payoneer, you can receive money from countries like USA and UK. The reason you should try Payoneer is that Payoneer has low transaction fees. So, you can save some more money. You can easily signup to Payoneer and even they offer a bonus of $USD 50 when you complete your first transaction of $USD 100 through Payoneer.

Payoneer supports 150+ currencies worldwide. Payoneer sign up is completely free. So, what are you waiting for? Signup for Payoneer and keep receiving money online with any issues. Overall this is one of the best PayPal alternatives.


You might have heard about online money transaction service Skrill. Skrill is also popular substitute to PayPal. Skrill has best currency conversion rates. So, here as well you can save some money which gets during currency conversions. With the help of Skrill you can send and receive money instantly worldwide. Skrill also provides a prepaid Mastercard that works in most of the shops worldwide. With the help of Skrill services, you can withdraw money using debit cards and bank accounts. Skrill also has iphone and android application which makes it easy to track the transaction from your mobile phone with ease.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet service is provided by Google. With Google Wallet, you can send and receive money from mobile phone and desktop without any charges. During setup, you need to link Google Wallet account with existing debit card or bank account in USA.  Google Wallet app is available for Android and iPhone users and it can be downloaded from Google play store on Android and App store on iPhone. Let’s check security features of Google Wallet. Google Wallet stores user data on secured servers and protects payment details by encrypting details with industry standards.


After Payoneer, Payza is second the popular online money transfer service. Payza is great alternative to Paypal if you are having any issues with PayPal account. In fact, in some cases Payza proves to be better than PayPal. Lot of ad services are opting Payza to pay commissions to affiliates and bloggers. With Payza, you can send and receive money instantly from anywhere and anytime. In case you are having your own drop shipping online store then You can even use Payza to process payments on e-commerce web portals.

Payza also supports credit cards, bank accounts. In recent times, they are even offering Bitcoin services with the help of which you can exchange your funds in Payza into Bitcoins. By doing this you can have Bitcoins. As per current Bitcoin rate increase, it is always great option to hold Bitcoins. Isn’t it? Payza even supports 25 currencies worldwide. They do have industry standard secured online payment system.

Payza also offers prepaid Mastercard which you can use as credit card or to withdraw money from ATM machines. There is a Payza Android application facility which makes it easy to track transactions with ease. Payza account setup is free and there are no monthly or yearly charges. I would strongly recommend Payza online money transaction service if you have any issues with PayPal account.


Let’s suppose you are having your online e-commerce website, and if you are looking for alternatives to PayPal, then Stripe is the best solution for you. Stripe is accepting applications from most part of the world. One of the best feature of Stripe is, if you are from a country which is not on the operation list of Stripe, then there is a Stripe Atlas program. With Stripe Atlas program, you can initiate a company in USA and open bank account. Then Stripe account can be linked to that bank account.

So here are some of the best PayPal alternatives to consider. No doubt PayPal is best online money transfer service. But sometimes, PayPal holds your funds without even contacting. It may take even six months to get money back after complete issue resolution. PayPal transaction fees are also higher in comparison with some of the other online money transfer services. So, if don’t want these things to happen with you, then it is advisable to have alternate money transfer system ready with you for smooth operation of your business activities.

I hope you like this post. If you know any other PayPal alternative money transfer services, then please comment below with the details.

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