Crucial Tips To Maintain WordPress Security

Wordpress Security

The Internet is booming at a fast pace, and that is a great thing. But, at the same time, cases of cyber attacks and hacking is also getting increased day by day. It has become top most priority to setup and maintain the security of websites to prevent losses from hacking and intrusion. If you have a blog or WordPress based website, then you should not ignore the safety of your WordPress sites.

In this post, let’s see how to maintain WordPress security of your WordPress site. So, let’s check out.

If someone wants to take control of your WordPress website, then website theme’s wp-config.php folder will be targeted because it is easy to enter using this folder. If you are using a WordPress theme that is poorly coded or adding any plugin which is not programmed correctly, then it can lead to easy access for someone to gain access to your website.

These days there are various security plugins are available, and it is complicated to choose the correct one. Themes Security and Wordfence Security are two of the best security plugins available in the market.

It’s good to take help from such security plugins, but I feel that the best Security approach is Website Backup. Besides, this is your last discard plan to spare your site, in case anything goes wrong with your site. For Website Backup, plugins like updraft plus (free) or backup buddy (paid) are the best choices.

Let’s talk about security plugins. First, I would like to say that please stay away from such security plugins and do not utilize any. Yes, don’t use a security plugin and no! I am not saying you should leave your WordPress site unsecured. I am just saying there are better approaches to secure your WordPress site than installing a plugin.

The thing is, most security plugins frequently add an excessive number of guidelines to your .htaccess scrape and this slows down your site unexpectedly. I hope your website’s execution is about as essential its security and this does not change you need to make. I am sure the proposed security plugins are excellent arrangements, but at the same time, I’m certain you won’t have any desire to look for the ways to increase the speed of your WordPress site, directly after you have introduced those plugins.

Here are some of the things that you can implement to secure your website:

#1 – To Change the WordPress login URL. This change includes changing the undeniable wp-administrator to something else. The plugin “Rename wp-login.php” can enable you.

#2 – Setup a password for the login page. Even some of the big web portals are utilizing this strategy. You can check with your hosting provider for getting more details about this.

#3 – Try installing CloudFlare on your website. Your site security is not a joke, and you should not take any chance about it. Install CloudFlare and get instant DDoS protection to your website.

#4 – Try Sucuri Security. This plugin is paid. The folks at “” would protect your site from intruders as well as help to optimize the speed of your website. Yes! It resembles solving two problems at once.

When you consider an even smallest point in the view of security, then it helps to maintain the WordPress security of your website. Here are some basic points that you should consider while creating a website from scratch:

  • If you are serious about your business, then you should consider buying a Premium theme from reputable sources. First, check out the reviews about the theme before you buy one.
  • Setup secure FTP so that you can transfer files securely.
  • Setup security to WordPress configurations by choosing difficult to guess admin name and long password.
  • Consider changing WordPress password after every three months.
  • Always host your website with well-known and reputable hosting providers. I am not saying that free hosting is wrong, but please check free hosting provider’s reviews, terms, and conditions.
  • Configure secure database prefix.
  • Avoid brute force attacks to your website by setting a login limit to 3 attempts.
  • Always take backup of your site. If your hosting provider provides a facility of website backups, then you should consider this option.

Some of the best WP Plugins that you can consider installing on your website for maintaining WordPress Security.

  • Anti-spam Plugin
  • Akismet Plugin – This is a crucial plugin for your WordPress website. This plugin checks for the comments against Akismet web service to find out whether comments look like spam.
  • Disqus – If you are low on budget then this is an excellent alternative you should consider.

I hope you find WordPress Security article helpful. If you have any additional information, then please share with us. Please provide your valuable feedback by writing a comment. Thank you.

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