Types Of Adsense Accounts – How To Choose Correct One

Types of Adsense Accounts

Google Adsense program is the most genuine and trustworthy way to make money by posting ads on your content. Still, Lots of new YouTubers and Bloggers don’t know the different types of Adsense accounts and which one is suitable for them. In this post, we will see what different types of Adsense accounts and how to choose them as per your requirements and type of your content. So, let’s check out.

Two Types of Adsense accounts:

There are two types of Adsense accounts. First one is Hosted Adsense account and second Fully Approved Adsense account. Google owns Youtube and Blogger platform. So, these are hosted services by Google. If you are a YouTuber, then you usually upload videos to your YouTube channel. Similarly, on blogger platform, users write blog posts. The content that you upload will reside on Google servers and Google is not charging anything for that.

In both of the cases, you can apply for Adsense account. Google Adsense team reviews your content from YouTube or Blogger. If your request gets approved, you will get access to Adsense program which is called as Hosted Adsense account.

After approval, Google starts posting ads on your content, and you can make money from Adsense program. With Hosted Adsense account, a publisher that is a person who is publishing the content gets a share of 55% of ads revenue whereas Google keeps 45% share of ads revenue with them.

Let’s talk about Fully Approved or Adsense for Content account. Suppose you have purchased a domain and hosting space from hosting provider companies. You have hosted your website, and if you want to place Google ads on your site, then you need to apply for Adsense approval. After review, if your request gets approved then you will get Fully Approved that is Adsense for content account. You can now place ads on your website. Since your site is not hosted by Google like the case of Blogger, you can get the ads revenue share of 68% while Google keeps a share of 32% of income.

Conversion Of Accounts

If you already have Hosted Adsense account for your YouTube channel or Blogger account, then you can not use that account to place ads on your website. You need to provide details of your website in your Adsense account for review. If that gets approved, then your Hosted Adsense account will get converted to Fully Approved Adsense account. After that, you can place ads on your website as well to make money through your website as well.

Let’s see the reverse scenario. In case you already have Non-hosted or Fully approved Adsense approval for your website, then you don’t need to apply separately to get Hosted account. Instead, you should link your Blogger or Youtube account with Adsense account.

CPM rate for Hosted accounts for Youtube and Blogger varies from $0.01 to $0.10 whereas CPM rate for Adsense ads on websites ranges from $0.05 to $0.50. In summary, if you are looking to start just a Youtube channel or Blogging using Blogger platform and if you do not have any plans to start any websites in future, then you should apply for Hosted Adsense account only.

To display ads on your website, you need to copy some code on your website. You will earn money when someone clicks on your ad and in some case you may earn from impressions as well.

I hope you find this types of Adsense accounts information helpful. If you have any other information related to Adsense, then please share with us. Thanks.

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