Top 6 Tips To Make Your Android Phone Fast Again

Android phone performance

When you buy your Android phone, you will feel that your phone is the fastest phone on the market. When you actually start using your phone over time and start installing several applications and games, you will notice that your phone’s performance is not up to the mark. This will obviously give you frustration and you will start finding solutions to make your phone faster again. In fact, you will start thinking like its a problem with phone’s hardware and things will start coming to your mind to buy a new a phone. In most of the cases, the actual cause of phone slowing down is not with the hardware associated with your phone but the root cause is with your android phone’s operating system. If it’s an issue with the operating system, then it is very much possible to fix it at home without spending any money.

Top Settings To Improve Android Mobile Performance

In this article, we will see how to fix the performance problem with your Android phone. After performing the steps mentioned, you will definitely feel the improvement in your android phone’s performance and you will feel lucky that you find out this article.

Update Operating System.

Various phone manufacturers customize the operating system to give unique touch and features to their device. This basically affects the performance of the phone. When QA and support team receives complaints about their products performance, the manufacturer provides operating system updates. These updates will fix the bug in the operating system, adds new features (to make the customer happy) and improves the OS performance. So the very first step is to make sure that your phone is updated to the latest Android OS. To do this you need to check settings –> system updates and updates the OS if updates are available. Do not download these updates for any random websites as they might contain virus or malware. Always update your phone with official Android OS websites or through your mobile phone only.

Handle Background Applications

Another cause of slowing down your smartphone is the applications running in the background. Whenever you open and close an application, those applications will stay in the background and consumes mobile’s resources, making the phone perform slow. In order to avoid this, it is a good idea to limit the number of applications running in the background. In order to do this, go to Developer Options in your phone’s settings. In case, Developer option is not available then go to About Phone section and keep tapping on Build number option for about 7 times. Once this is done, the Developer Options section will be enabled. Go to Developers Options and find the Apps section where you will find the option as “Background Process Limit”. Open this option and change the value to limit 3 or 4 applications instead of Standard Limit. By doing this maximum of 3 or 4 applications will run in the background and in turn, fewer phone resources will be consumed. This will save almost 40% of mobile RAM and also helps to save battery. This setting will assist your phone in preventing from slowing down.

Check System Performance

It is always a good option to check the applications that are consuming more resources in the mobile phone. To do this you can install system performance analyzer apps on your mobile phone. Such apps will show all the installed applications along with the resources getting consumed. Find out those applications that are consuming more than 10-15% system resources and if you think that these applications are of no use then simply install those apps or find an alternative of these applications. Recommended app for finding resources eating applications is Trepn Profiler.

Remove Unwanted Built-in Applications

Android phones come with pre-installed system applications. Even if you do not use those apps, they consume heavy system resources. You may not uninstall those apps. Another option is to disable these apps from phone settings. That will stop the app from running in the background and you can have a faster android performance.

Android Launchers

Many of us install Launcher applications to give unique and good looking UI to our phone. Who doesn’t like to show off their phone’s UI? But do you know that installing any random launcher service can affect the performance of your device? Launcher apps are another reason for slowing down the Android phone. We would recommend not to use any Launcher app on the device. If you have one installed, then simply uninstall the app and then check the performance of your phone. There are some exceptions to Launcher apps like Nova Launcher. This one works perfectly and also helps to optimize the device speed. We would still recommend using the default android launcher on android device.

Factory Reset

Here is another way to make android device faster. Open Developer Options and head over to animation and transition speed option. Keep window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator Duration Scale to lowest possible value. By changing these values, there will be the significant performance improvement.

In case the above-mentioned tips won’t work then the last option is to Factory Reset your phone so that all the phone settings will get updated as per Factory recommendations. Don’t forget to take Backup of your important data from your phone before doing Factory Reset or else you will lose all your precious data.

Try these tips and we will be glad to know the outcome. We hope you like this article. Please feel free to share this article with your friends and family members.

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