Top 6 Android Apps That You Should Try

best android apps

In this post, we will cover 6 best android apps that are very interesting and you should consider trying them. Let’s check out these cool and useful Android applications.


Backdrops is a wallpaper application. Everybody likes mobile wallpapers so that their mobile screen looks stunning and different than other people’s mobile screen. Yeah it’s boring to use built in OS wallpapers all the time on your mobile phone. You should check out this application. Now you will ask me, what is so special about this application as there are bunch of wallpaper applications out there on Google Play Store. Yes, there is a specialty of Backdrops application. Agreed that there are several wallpaper related applications on Google Play Store. But, most of these applications are taking images from google or some other applications and using them as wallpapers.

This is not a case with Backdrops wallpaper application. In this application, all the wallpapers are specially created by developers. Here you will find wallpapers from various categories like holidays, special events, abstract, food, scenery etc. You can set these wallpapers of your choice, can download them or even put them in your favorites. I am sure, you will love this wallpaper application.

 Native Clipboard Manager

 When it comes to pasting some content, Android OS allows you paste only recently copied content. Native clipboard is an application that makes this copy-paste job easier. When you need to paste something say in your messages, double tap in the text field. One window will appear where you can select the clips that was copied recently.

 These clips can be swiped away to delete. You can long press the clip to view the entire content or even you can pin those important clips to avoid getting deleted. Clipboard has floating layout and can be moved make reading easy. This is a great application if you need to copy-paste the text very often.

Portal – WIFI File Transfers

Portal is an application, that helps you to move files from your computer to mobile. You need to install Portal application on your android mobile phone. On your computer go to “”. Now open the application on your mobile and click on Scan button to scan the QR code on above mentioned URL. By doing this your computer will be connected to the mobile. Simply select the desired files on your computer and move them to your phone. All the transferred files will be displayed in the application itself. Pictures transferred with this application gets automatically stored to mobile phone’s gallery.

With the help of this application, you can just drag and drop the files wirelessly and don’t need any cables to transfer the files.

Enpass Password Manager

These days, we normally have more than one email accounts, various social accounts, bank accounts, to do list and so many things. It is not possible to remember all the passwords for these many accounts and it’s not a good option to set a single password for these different accounts. Enpass Password Manager can help you to store all your passwords and important credentials at one place.

You just need to set a master password to this application and the rest will be taken care by Enpass Password Manager. This application is completely free and there are no subscription charges. You can even access your details on smartphones, tablet or desktop computer. There is even facility of fingerprint logins. This application makes use of military grade encryption to ensure highest level of protection for your sensitive details. The details that you store in this application will not be stored on application’s server. The data will be stored on your device only. Enpass Password Manager automatically locks itself if not used for certain time period or if in case of device lost. This is one of the best android apps from password manager category.

Gallery Doctor – Photo Cleaner

It’s very important to keep the mobile phone storage clean so that you don’t have to delete the images when you run out of space on your mobile. Gallery Doctor – Photo Cleaner is a application that cleans up mobile phone and free up storage. This application instantly finds bad and similar photos in android gallery. With this application, you can even free up 35% of space on your mobile. Gallery Doctor finds the similar photos. You can review them before deletion. You can keep the required photos as well. The images that you don’t need, you can delete from mobile. You don’t need to sit for hours to manually finding out duplicate photos. You can use this application to free up your mobile space in effective manner.

Gallery doctor even helps to find photos that are blurry, dark, inferior quality photos, similar photos. This application even helps to find your bad clicks. To clear unwanted, duplicate photos from your mobile phone, this is must have application for android phone. You will find remarkably boost in mobile performance once mobile storage space is cleared. This application is all-rounder as it handles tasks like photo cleaning, gallery organizing and speed boosting.

Google Keep – Notes and Lists

Google Keep is an application from Google that helps you to capture or note down important things and reminds you at right place or time. With this application, you can record a voice memo and get it transcribed automatically. Google keep helps you to manage your to do list. You can even share your keep notes with friends and family members.

I hope you like this post about best android apps. Please comment if you know any other best Android apps in comments section below.

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