Top 6 Things To Check Before Buying Expired Domains

Buying expired domains

Have you heard about Domain Flipping business? Well, domain flipping is a business where you purchase expired or deleted domains with an intent of quickly selling those domains at a higher cost to make a profit out of it. There are various websites for buying expired domains and to sell them later.
Let’s suppose if you can sell 3-4 domains per week with profit as little as $50 – $100 then you can make around $150 to $400 per week which is $600 to $ 1600 per month. That is a good amount of money right? I feel this is one of the easiest businesses that you can start and can earn pretty well over the time. Yes, this is the most straightforward business provided you apply certain criteria while buying expired domains so that you can double your chances of selling that domain with a decent amount of money.

We will first understand what the exact meaning of expired domain is. Several times, domain owners forgot to renew a domain, or they don’t want to spend money on a renewal of a particular domain. In such cases, domain registrar gives 30 days extension to domain owner to renew their domain. If domain owner does not renew the domain in given 30 days extension, then that domain will be considered as an expired domain.
Domain registrar will start an auction for that expired domain for next seven days. The highest bidder will win domain in such case. With this process, sometimes you have good chances to get a good domain name at a low price. You can find domain auctions on websites like “”, “” and much more.

Here are top 5 essential things that you should check before purchasing an expired domain.

Number 1 – DA/PA of an expired domain.

There are some best websites, where you can get a list of expired domains with all the associated details like domain age, backlinks, DA, PA, and availability, etc. DA stands for domain authority, and PA refers to Page authority. These two factors are very crucial while considering a domain for purchasing. Domain authority and Page authority terms are proposed by MOZ. Domain authority is a standard of the strength of particular domain or subdomain.
Page authority is a measure that predicts the ranking of a page on search engine result pages. Page authority ranges from 0 to 100. The higher the page authority, higher is the ability to rank the page in search engine results. We should consider DA of 25+ while analyzing the domain to purchase. You can check DA and PA using website “”

Number 2 – Check for Google Ban

Well, now we have found out a domain with good DA and PA. But it is of no use if that domain is already banned in the google search. You will never able to rank your website in google search results if the domain is banned by Google. So the next important step is to check whether the domain is banned by Google. We should check the domain in Google Banned checker to make sure that there is no issue with the domain.

Number 3 – Check to see how was the website associated with the domain in the past.

In case you want to find the site and its contents related to the selected domain, then you should check the website “” Once you open this website, you need to enter the domain name and click on search button. You will get the timeline graph with green dots on some dates where site pages got crawled. You can click on those green dots to check the website and its contents. By this way, you can find out whether the website had any odd details. This is important to avoid any issues in future.

Number 4 – Check whether the domain is not banned from Google Adsense program.

One of the standard issue with most expired domains is that they are prohibited from Google Adsense program. If the domain you have selected is banned, then you can not earn money by putting Adsense ads on your future website with that domain. So, you need to consider this step while finalizing the expired domain to purchase. If you are not going to earn anything out of a website, then there is no reason to buy a banned domain for building such website.

Number 5 – Finding out Page rank carefully by using various tools.

Page rank determines the importance of the page to appear in Google Search. Page rank is also termed as “Google Juice.” Page rank is an important factor that decides whether your web page can appear in Google search result or not. Sometimes, in the case of expired domains, page ranks are adjusted to higher values. So it is always crucial to take help of some tools like “” to detect fake page rank.

Number 6 – Domain extension.

Domain extension is not as important as the other five things that we saw above. As we all know, .com is always a preferred domain extension. So look for the expired domain with the extension that is in real demand. This way, things become easier for you when you try to sell your domain to earn profits.

So, these are the top 6 basic but essential things that one should consider while buying expired domains. I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any other tips to share, then please comment. Thank you.



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