Top 5 Websites For Copyright Free Images

Websites For Copyright Free Images

If you are a website designer, web developer or managing Facebook pages, then you need lots of images for you work. You can not utilize any random images from the internet for your job. Images come with different licenses, and you can not use copyrighted images for your assignments. If you are using any copyrighted images, then you can face legal issues from the owner of those pictures. So, it is a best practice to check the license of each image that you use for commercial purpose.

In this post, we will see some of the top copyright free images websites, from which you can use images for personal and business use for completely free. Let’s check out those stock photo sites.

Number 1 – UnSplash

UnSplash is a stock photo website where you will find a vast collection of free high-resolution images. UnSplash website team presents newly submitted and top images on their homepage. All the images on this web portal are free, and you can use them for a personal and commercial purpose. There is no need to ask for permission from or to provide credit to the owner of the image. In summary, this website grants you authorization to download, copy, distribute or modify images for personal as well as commercial use.
URL: “”

Number 2 – PicJumbo

PicJumbo is another stock images website where you will find high-quality images. You can use these images for your personal and business purpose. On PicJumbo, new images are added on a daily basis, and they have a vast collection of pictures from various categories like technology, fashion, nature, abstract and much more. When you use any images from PicJumbo, you don’t need to give credit to the owner of the pictures. The only thing to note here is you are not allowed to redistribute the images from PicJumbo.
URL: “”

Number 3 – Pixabay

Pixabay is one of the best websites to offer free stock photos, vectors, videos and art illustrations. Pixabay has over 1030,000 high-quality images. All the images from Pixabay are copyright free under Creative Commons CC0 license. You can free to copy, modify, distribute these images. You don’t need to give credits or image attribution is not required. Pixabay has a huge variety of categories from which you can choose images.
URL: “”

Number 4 – Pexels

Pexels is another popular stock images website that offers high-quality, high-resolution images. Pexels has a broad range of images from various categories. Similar to sites mentioned above, you can use images for completely free for a personal and professional purpose. There is no need to give credit as well. Pexels also offers videos that also you can utilize for commercial use.
URL: “”
Videos: “”

Number 5 – MorgueFile

Morguefile do not have lots of images, but they do cover images on various topics. You can get pictures from scenery, people, wildlife, antiques and much more. You are allowed to use these images for personal and professional use without attribution. Note: If you are using images as it is, without any changes then you must give credit to the photographer. Please refer the website for license details.
URL: “”

In my opinion, websites mentioned above are great to find the images for your needs as these websites have tons of images under various categories. If you want to check some more pictures, then here is the list for your reference:

– FreeImages (“”)
– Little Visuals (“”)
– Picography (“”)
– Jay Mantri (“”)
– Public Domain Archive (“”)

If you use the images from above-mentioned websites for your work, then there will not be any issue as all these sites offer copyright free images. I hope you find this article on top 5 websites for copyright free images helpful. If you know any other best websites for stock images, then please share so that everybody can benefit from it. Thank you.


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