Top 3 WordPress Plugins To Improve Website Performance Quickly

Wordpress Plugins To Improve Website Performance
WordPress Plugins are tools or packaged software that add and extends the functionality of WordPress websites. There are various plugins available for improving WordPress website performance. Sometimes, for beginners, it becomes challenging to decide which plugins to install on a WordPress website. In this post, we will see the top 3 WordPress plugins that one should install on a WordPress website to boost site performance. If your site is based on any niche, these plugins are must to have. So, let’s check out those top 3 WordPress plugins.

Website performance is one of the most crucial elements that decide the success and revenue of your website. If a website requires a long time to load, then users will never visit such website due to slow performance. Fewer users mean less revenue from the website. So, one should consider installing any of the below plugins to increase the speed of the website.

WordPress Plugins For Quickly Increasing The Speed Of The Website

#1 – W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is a must have a plugin that helps to improve page load time of a website. This plugin has over one million downloads with 4.5 ratings making this plugin one of the best website performance booster. Following are some of the specialties of this plugin:

– Improves search engine result page ranking
– Overall improvement in website performance by increasing page load time.
– Browser Caching
– Helps to minify and HTTP compression of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

#2 – W3 Super Cache

An alternative to W3 Total Cache is WP Super Cache.
W3 Super Cache does not have all the features compared to W3 Total Cache, but this plugin is straightforward and easy to use.
W3 Super Cache produces static HTML files and presents them to the website users. This plugin also has over one million downloads and 4.5 ratings. Features of W3 Super Cache:

– Content Delivery Network (CDN) support
– Garbage collection. This plugin deletes old files in a cache directory on a regular basis.

#3 – Smush Image Compression and Optimization

This plugin helps to resize, compress and optimize all the added images to the website. This is an essential plugin that helps in improving page speed and quality of the website. If the website contains images with large file size, then it makes website load slower, and in turn website, performance gets decreased. WP Smush plugin quickly compresses every single image and removes all the unnecessary data without impacting website speed. This plugin has over 800,000 downloads with 5-starĀ ratings. Features associated with WP Smush:

– Optimize and compress images using advanced lossless compression techniques.
– Able to process JPEG, GIF and PNG image format.
– Auto smush attachments.
– Multisite global and individual settings.

So, these are the top 3 WordPress Plugin that you should install on your website to improve website performance and page speed of your site quickly. Hope you like this article. Thank you.


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