10 Amazing Websites You Didn’t Know Existed 2020 !!

10 Amazing Websites You Didnt Know Existed 2020

Internet is full of websites. some websites are for entertainment purpose while some are for increasing productivity. In this article, you will find 10 Amazing Websites You Didn’t Know Existed 2020.

Amazing Websites You Didn’t Know Existed 2020 !!

#1 – PDFEscape

It is not possible to edit the data in PDF file without expensive software. PDFescape is a online PDF editor that let you edit PDF files quickly. This is completely free to use.

Simply open PDFescape on your browser & click on free online.

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Increase Click Through Rate To Gain Views | Increase CTR

increase click through rate to gain views

Increase Click Through Rate To Gain Views

You are working really hard on creating video content but your videos are not getting expected views. The simple reason for this is poor click through rate. In this video you will find some interesting and helpful information to increase click through rate. Please read the article till very end because each point that we have mentioned is equally important for improving the CTR of the video. so let’s get started.

What is CTR and how it is measured?

CTR or click-through rate, is the ratio of how many people click on your YouTube thumbnail compared to the number of impressions it gets.

Impression is every time your YouTube thumbnail is seen, whether on the home page, a subscription list or even on suggested videos.

  • If the CTR is between 0-5% then it is considered as Poor
  • If the CTR is between 5-10% the it is considered as Average to Good
  • If the CTR is above 11% then it is considered as Great.

The percentage of CTR in the first week after publishing the video helps YouTube to decide whether to suggest the video or not. So it is very important to get CTR more than at least 7% so as to get good amount of views on the video.

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From Today You Can Buy Google Pixel 3 And 3XL Smartphones In India

If you are a big fan of Google Pixel mobiles, then there is a good news for you. From today, you can buy Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL from Airtel India stores. The sale of Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL smartphones will start from 1st November 2018. You can even buy … Read more

Top 6 Tips To Make Your Android Phone Fast Again

Android phone performance

When you buy your Android phone, you will feel that your phone is the fastest phone on the market. When you actually start using your phone over time and start installing several applications and games, you will notice that your phone’s performance is not up to the mark. This will obviously give you frustration and you will start finding solutions to make your phone faster again. In fact, you will start thinking like its a problem with phone’s hardware and things will start coming to your mind to buy a new a phone.

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Things To Check While Buying A Used Car

Things to check while buying a used car

Are you planning to buy a second-hand car? Do not buy second-hand cars just based on the price of the car, only to get cheaper or based on ‘shiny from above’ condition. You should purchase that brand of vehicles from the city where you live in or nearby and where the service station and the spare parts of that car are readily available. Specific car models have a big name in the market, but the low demand models are available at a lower price tag as second-hand cars. Buying such vehicles can be frustrating for you in the future.

Do not express your liking for a specific car on your face, even when you go to the car showroom or second-hand car seller; Don’t talk anything about your budget in the beginning. While determining the price of the secondhand car, first of all, find out the insurer’s insurance claim value.

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Top 3 WordPress Plugins To Improve Website Performance Quickly

Wordpress Plugins To Improve Website Performance
WordPress Plugins are tools or packaged software that add and extends the functionality of WordPress websites. There are various plugins available for improving WordPress website performance. Sometimes, for beginners, it becomes challenging to decide which plugins to install on a WordPress website. In this post, we will see the top 3 WordPress plugins that one should install on a WordPress website to boost site performance. If your site is based on any niche, these plugins are must to have. So, let’s check out those top 3 WordPress plugins.

Website performance is one of the most crucial elements that decide the success and revenue of your website.

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