Top 4 Tips To Track and Find Lost Android Phone

Find Lost Android Phone

These days, the mobile phone has become our basic need. Most of the free time in a day, we use our mobile phone to surf the web, check social network accounts and to contact with friends and family members. Since your phone contains personal data like messages, emails, and photos, you will attempt your best to protect it. If you lose your cell phone, then there is good chance that it may fall into the wrong hands and it may get used for doing some illegal activities.

You might not want to lose your phone, so if at any time it gets lost or gets stolen, the initial step is to lodge a missing complaint with neighborhood police. Furthermore, if you have set some settings on your phone, you can even locate your device with little efforts. In this post,

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Top 8 Effective Tips To Make PC Faster Again

make pc faster

Almost all the machine in this world needs regular maintenance. Your PC is not an exception to this. When you use your PC for a long time without doing any maintenance, PC performance gets lowered over the time. So, it is very crucial to carry out regular maintenance activities to keeps your PC function well. In this post, we will see top 8 basic but necessary steps to make PC faster again.

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How Liking a Post On Social Network Websites Could Be Troublesome

Social Network Websites Precautions

Every day we check our social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter to find out updates from our friends and latest happenings in the world. Most of the time, knowingly or unknowingly we like or re-tweet the posts. We as a normal social network user do not understand the meaning of Liking and re-tweeting the post. One thing to understand here is, when we like or re-tweet the post, it is considered as publishing it.

Recently one case happened where a man from Switzerland faced legal issues and had to pay fine of 4000 swiss francs for clicking likes on some other people’s posts. Mr. X (name is hidden) post some updates on Facebook profile.

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What is Bitcoin, Who Created It And What Are Bitcoin’s Properties

Bitcoin details

There are several terms associated with Bitcoin. To understand the entire concept, we need to understand refer several websites. In this post, we will see Bitcoin details in brief.

What is Bitcoin

Basically, Bitcoin is a currency in digital format. Bitcoins can be created and stored electronically. There are no authorities that can control Bitcoins. Normal currencies like Dollars, pounds and rupees are printed on paper or in coins format. But, Bitcoins are not printed in any physical format. Bitcoins are created by people like you and me and these days by organizations who are using high end computers. These high-end computers are using certain software to solve mathematical problems.

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Top 6 Android Apps That You Should Try

best android apps

In this post, we will cover 6 best android apps that are very interesting and you should consider trying them. Let’s check out these cool and useful Android applications.


Backdrops is a wallpaper application. Everybody likes mobile wallpapers so that their mobile screen looks stunning and different than other people’s mobile screen. Yeah it’s boring to use built in OS wallpapers all the time on your mobile phone. You should check out this application. Now you will ask me, what is so special about this application as there are bunch of wallpaper applications out there on Google Play Store. Yes, there is a specialty of Backdrops application. Agreed that there are several wallpaper related applications on Google Play Store.

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Top 5 Alternatives to PayPal For Onlne Money Transfers

Paypal alternatives

Why we need PayPal alternatives? Let’s find out the details. As we all know, PayPal is well known and most trusted payment transaction services. PayPal is a genuine way to receive and send money online over internet. I am using PayPal for almost 3 years now and I do not have any complaint about it. But due to PayPal’s strict policies and some government’s rules there can be some restrictions for online transactions. PayPal is not available in some of the countries and even some website portals do not use PayPal for sending money to their affiliates.

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