Top 6 Free Software That You Shouldn’t Miss

Best Free Softwares

In this post, we will see top six free software for your computer. There are various bad software out there that you can find on the Internet. These programs that we are going to see are great. These software are powerful, useful and are free of viruses and malware. Most of these programs that we are going to see are available for Windows Mac and Linux operating systems. These free software are not really in any particular order because they fall under different categories. So, let’s check out those five effective free software programs.

Number 1 – VLC media player

VLC player developed by VideoLAN is an open source media player for watching videos and for listening to the audio of your favorite music and podcasts. VLC Player can play almost any file type without the need of installing an additional codec pack. You may recall the difficulties of having to deal with the codec in the past, but this is not a case with VLC player. VLC player is extremely customizable to adjust your requirements.
You can even install optional plugins to change the look and functionality of VLC by going to tools and then selecting
plugins and extensions. The only down side of VLC player is that it can not play Blu-ray movies. If you keep this limitation aside, then overall VLC is an excellent media player. You can use VLC player on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. VLC Player is also available on Android and iOS.

Number 2 – Speccy

Most operating systems bundled with system data tools that provide Limited details. Speccy is an impressive program that presents detailed information about system software and hardware specifications. This software proves to be useful while reviewing your PC or when planning to update your PC hardware. Speccy shows your system specifications and allows groups like CPU Ram, motherboard and graphics and a few different classifications. If you need system specification report, then there is a facility to export the details as text or XML document. Speccy is only available to Windows operating system. This software also offers a paid version but for most of the users, the free version will be more than enough to get the system details.

Number 3 – Ninite

Ninite is an excellent piece of software that installs and updates multiple programs at once. In case you have obtained a new PC or recently formatted the old one then this software is a must for you. With the help of Ninite, you can install several programs that once. The best part is, this software won’t install any toolbars or any other extra junk to your machine. Ninite finds out whether to install 32 or 64-bit software based on your computer’s operating system.
First, you need to select all the programs that you would like to install on your computer. Once you select the programs, click on get your Ninite. Select save the file to save the installer. Now you need to run that installer file, and it will download and install all the programs you previously selected. Click on the show details to see more information.
When you need to update these programs in the future, you just go back to the Installer files you use to install and execute it again to keep these programs up-to-date. Ninite is only available for Windows operating system.

Number 4 – AllDup

AllDup is a completely free, lightweight software that is used for finding and deleting duplicate files on PC. AllDup can scan your PC’s local drives, hard disk or network drives and determines the content that is a duplicate. Once scanning is completed, you can review the duplicate content before deletion.
With AllDup you will get an option to search for specific types of duplicate files. Using AllDup software, you can free up your PC’s space by removing unwanted duplicate files. You can download this software from “” website. This free software is a necessary software if you are looking to free up valuable space on your computer. AllDup is available for Windows operating system only.

Number 5 – WPS office free

WPS Office which is formerly known as Kingsoft office is an office suite which consists of great alternatives to Microsoft Word Excel and PowerPoint. In reality, WPS Office is capable of working with Microsoft office products and has the same interface. If you compare Microsoft Office products like word, excel and powerpoint with WPS office product, then you will notice a common feature which is the standard ribbon at the
top with various options. One little issue with WPS office is that it is ad supported, but the ads are not too much of a disturbance. WPS Office is available on Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. Surprisingly, this program is not available for Mac OS. The alternative to WPS Office, which is LibreOffice and is available on Mac OS.

Number 6 – GIMP

If you don’t want to spend more money on image editing programs and looking for a great free softwares that are alternative to Photoshop, then GIMP is the perfect option for you. With GIMP, you can have a facility of multiple layers, mask transformations, and many such great features. To start a new project select file then select new and then enter the width and height of your project then click OK. GIMP interface looks scary at the beginning, but you will start finding it easier the longer you use it. If you want to learn image editing with GIMP, then you can check video tutorials on Youtube. There are tons of video tutorials available on how to edit the images with GIMP. GIMP is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating system.

I hope you find this article about top 6 free Softwares helpful. If you know any other awesome free softwares, then please share with us. Thank You.

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